Guys! I bet you forgot that I was working on the 101 in 1001 Challenge! I only say that because sometimes I forget I am too! (whoops!). It feels like such a long time to be doing anything – I started on August 24th and have until May 29, 2019 to finish. Uh, hello! I’ve been working slowly on getting these goals done but some of them just take more self-control than I have right now! Regardless, I thought it was a good time for an update so… here we go! 

Personal (Me + Ryan)

  • Weekly date nights (no phones!) for 2 months straight
  • Try 10 new restaurants (4/10 tried by Dec 2016: Zibbibo 73 – a new favorite of ours!, Farmers, Fishers, Bakers; Jackie’s Bistro; Kramer Books & Afterwords Cafe) 
  • Read 30 books (2/30 done by Dec 2016, 2 in progress: True Believers by Kurt Anderson (24 Aug 2016); Rising Strong by Brene Brown (4 Sept 2016); [IN PROGRESS] Beyond Belief: My Secret Life inside Scientology and my Harrowing Escape by Jenna Miscavige (December 2016); [IN PROGRESS] Make It Happen by Lara Casey (December 2016))
  • Read 5 classic novels
  • Watch 5 new documentaries with Ryan
  • Finish “Orange is the New Black” September 2016
  • Finish “Once Upon a Time” with Ryan – we are updated through the current season! 
  • Take nighttime cruise around DC monuments
  • Visit 2 DC museums
  • Play cello for a musical pit again
  • Try 10 new wineries/breweries/cideries (1/10 tried -Naked Mountain Winery)
  • Update Linked In account with resume + headshot
  • Read before bed for 30 minutes for a month
  • Keep a daily gratitude journal for 6 months
  • Learn mine + Ryan’s love languages
  • Watch one Bond movie from each Bond actor
  • Get a picture of Ryan and me with Santa
  • Visit the national zoo lights
  • Cook a turkey
  • Attend a beer/wine festival I’ve never been to with Ryan
  • See the Nutcracker professionally
  • Take a mixology class with Ryan
  • Take a ballroom class/go dancing with Megan/Arthur
  • Bake a crazy cupcake (think Cupcake Wars!)


  • Run four 5Ks
  • Run Disney race
  • Run two 10Ks 1) September 17 2016
  • Run a half marathon 1) Hershey Half Marathon, October 16 2016
  • Complete the 21 day fix
  • Try Whole 30 for a month
  • Work out 4x/week for 2 months straight
  • Run 1,000 miles in 1001 days (notate monthly!)
    • August – 8.37 (only counted from when this challenge started!)
    • September – 33.82
    • October – 29.32
    • November – 1
    • December -3.66
  • Try 3/5 new foods: quinoa, cauliflower mac + cheese, beets, trout, sweet potatoes
  • No fast food for a month (4x)
  • Track my food intake for a month


  • Organize kitchen pantry WITH LABELS! 7 September 2016
  • Sort through craft closet + trash what is not needed
  • Organize the hall closet (towels, sheets, etc.)
  • Clean out bookshelf
  • Donate 2x to women’s shelter
  • Sketch out new backyard layout + decide on flowers/veggies to plant
  • Go through closet + donate/sell anything not worn in last year (use the backward hanger idea!) (Always in progress, though! Donated to Veteran’s Organization in December 2016).
  • Clean out my email accounts + unsubscribe from emails I really don’t need
  • Create a holder for Shelby’s leash + bags to hang by front door
  • Set up shelves in garage, organize + label all holiday décor
  • Go through apps on my phone + get rid of what I don’t need August 30 2016
  • Organize postcard collection
  • Clean my desk + reorganize what’s left August 24 2016
  • Clean out wine collection
  • Transfer notes into electronic notes
  • Organize under the sinks
  • Update photographs around the house


  • Put $15 into savings for every goal completed
  • Put away $20 each paycheck to put towards down payment on future single family home
  • Every other month, go without spending anything on myself (except for food/gas!)
  • Pay off two of my five student loans 1 down! Paid off October 2016!
  • Get a newspaper for couponing purposes
  • Save for + get the Hammer + Chisel series from Beachbody


  • Change business model to include preview sessions and prints
  • Photograph 10 newborns
  • Order samples of all products
  • Learn InDesign
  • Design a style guide (hopefully with Jonathan!)
  • Design a welcome guide/packet
  • Partner with a children’s boutique
  • Upgrade camera
  • Invest in 2 new memory cards + get rid of smaller/less reliable cards 1) new card September 2016
  • Start a new series on the blog
  • Improve client experience
  • Learn about SEO + implement changes on website
  • Go part time with the business/desk job
  • Create a newsletter that is sent 2x/month
  • Add option to receive new blogs by email onto website
  • Get 2 to 5 new clients for Virtual Assistant work 1) Something Perfect/Bustld, 2) M Harris Studios
  • Edit for 2 photographers
  • Update to desktop computer for editing/business work
  • Improve website – overall appearance w/brand
  • Host successful mini sessions
  • Develop a set of stock photos for holidays
  • Update website copy
  • Swap headshots with another photographer
  • Partner with a bakery for cake smash sessions


  • Send my sister a package randomly
  • Send my college age cousins care packages
  • Spend one weekend with each set of grandparents
  • Travel to see out-of-town family from each side
  • Contact one friend every week that I haven’t spoken with in awhile
  • Host 2 dinner parties for friends/family
  • Host week-before-Christmas gathering
  • Have 4 family girls’ day get-togethers
  • Attend beach week
  • Take my cousin + sister to a new winery


  • Travel 2 places I’ve never been before
  • Go fishing in the OBX
  • Try a new restaurant at the beach
  • Go away for a weekend all about Ryan
  • Take a trip with Megan + Arthur
  • Take Ryan to see the Lost Colony in the OBX
  • Take Ryan to see the sunset on Jockey’s Ridge


So, definitely a long way to go but I know I’ll get there! What’s on your list to accomplish? 



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